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The B2B Basis Mission

Basic information: B2B Basis (formerly VBC Group) was founded in 2009 by a few like-minded partners, who are united by a common desire to develop quality info-products and services to teach modern business practices.

The mission - efficient online education. We are the first to develop and mass market such products and services for consulting and online education, which in efficiency must surpass the traditional (off-line) teaching methods known until now.

Goals: We do this so that the cost price of basic professional business education drops to zero, and by consequence its selling price also decreases. This will bring down the traditional professional business education market. Nevertheless, thanks to new technologies we will become an important player, and possibly a trendsetting monopoly. Yes, we are pragmatic perfectionists to the core! That's why we are loved.

Our values:

Time: In the modern world of frantic information flow, we need to learn how to filter unnecessary data and keep only what is most relevant. B2B Basis supplies filtered information that has the most value and usefulness: the sublime knowledge. We save you time.

Functionality: All the methods we present have already been tested by other businesses, have be verified through experience, and are efficient. We only recommend and advertise products and services we use ourselves. They work. Our goal is to obtain the desired result while expending minimal time, effort and money.

The university of professionals: Everything passes. Everything can be lost. But what is most precious in our professional lives are knowledge and business contacts. B2B Basis is the place to meet and make new contacts. We are not only practitioners who like to learn with practitioners (our Clients), but we also help others establish essential networking.

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