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FREE COURSE "HOW TO INCREASE SALES BY 20%" - helps to develop a framework of practical steps and measures to optimize your sales plan. By following these recommendations even partially, a considerable level of success can be obtained with no additional expenses.

For directors of small to medium-sized (B2B) businesses who are responsible for the company's business development and sales strategy, and are in charge of sales departments, customer service, and marketing.

Purpose of the course (results you'll obtain):

Increase the efficiency of the sales department by 20% by optimizing the company's sales plan.

Course goals (what you'll be able to improve):

Improve quality of service for existing customers;

increase the quantity and quality of incoming message processing for potential customers;

learn about alternative ways to increase sales;

learn how to use software to improve the efficiency of sales departments.

Register for the FREE course "HOW TO INCREASE SALES BY 20%" to receive a series of 13 lessons containing very useful information, which will not only improve your skills but will allow you to earn at least 20% more.

Course contents:

1.Increasing profits from repeat customers
  1. How to beat competitors and win customers for life (the "best service" concept).
  2. Which customers must be given the best service (ABC analysis).
  3. What is the purpose of, and how to develop procedures for, customer service (budgeting).
2.Attracting new customers efficiently
  1. What is market segmentation, and how to classify and describe products and services.
  2. How to determine which products are profitable to promote and which ones aren't (the BCG matrix).
  3. How to evaluate advertising and sales channel efficiency (KPI of sales).
3.Operational optimization of marketing and sales
  1. Direct marketing or advertising?
  2. Internet sales, attracting visitors to your website (SEO, context, intelligent newsletter systems).
  3. Implementing surveys to find and eliminate deficiencies in customer service.
4.Evaluation and reduction of customer service expenses
  1. Definition of the CRM Concept; what is the purpose of CRM systems and how to implement them.
  2. Establishing the requirements of CRM, defining specifications, customization (using Galloper CRM as an example).
  3. Training managers on the use of CRM, and the learning curve.
  4. Management organizational procedures.

Free course: how to increase sales by 20%
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