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How we work

Free of charge: Most questions that must be resolved to increase the efficiency of small and medium-sized businesses are common. There is no sense in asking money for what you can find in books. For your convenience, we have systematized the best approaches, methods and practices in our newsletters. Register for the newsletter on the theme that interests you, and you will likely find the answers to your questions within it (see the "Newsletter" menu).

Efficiently: Don't have time to read literature and newsletters? Order our video courses on DVD: a few hours of condensed material and well-structured information will save you time. Or attend one of our free or commercial Internet seminars (see the Webinars/Schedule section). You will see and hear the presenter, and you will be able to ask questions just as if it were a regular seminar.

Inexpensively: Need to resolve a practical problem? Using the help of an outside hired consultant is sometimes much less expensive and faster than reinventing the wheel yourself. To save you time and money, we have developed a "consulting package". Everything is done online in a few sessions. This reduces the time needed to do the work and considerably diminishes costs.

Quickly and skilfully: We very reluctantly provide individual consulting and personal coaching, because it consumes our time and is expensive for you as a Client. Experience has shown that in more than 80% of cases we succeed in resolving the problems of our Clients without personal consultations. Seek the answers to the questions that interest you in our free and commercial info-products.

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