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We need a business coach and corporate sales specialist who speaks Russian or English.

То же самое на русском: Требуется бизнес тренер, специалист по корпоративным продажам, со знанием русского или английского языка.

Following the introduction of B2B Basis and Galloper CRM on the international market, we are looking for business consultants and coaches in the corporate sales field.

Candidate requirements:

  • Native language is not English or Russian;
  • Perfect knowledge of English or Russian;
  • 25 to 45 years old;
  • At least 2 years experience in corporate sales training;
  • At least 2 years experience in managing sales of services in the B2B industry (confirmed by outstanding achievement);
  • Fundamental knowledge of marketing and sales;
  • Having an active lifestyle;
  • Excellent ability to think rationally;
  • Superior communicative skills (oral and written).

Job responsibilities:

  • Read approximately 20 letters a day from subscribers (replying is not required);
  • Take a few calls a day from potential clients;
  • Perform corporate sales training;
  • Conduct consultations on implementation of Galloper CRM;
  • Produce invoices for training, consulting and Galloper CRM;
  • Translate marketing materials and Galloper CRM into his/her native language.

Much appreciated qualities:

  • A positive attitude towards life;
  • Capability to think on his/her feet and make decisions promptly;
  • A good sense of humour and ability to not take himself/herself too seriously;
  • Basic knowledge of info-marketing;
  • Being open-minded;
  • Aptitude to think outside the box;
  • Responsible;
  • Knowledge of Russian;

What we offer:

  • Coauthor-ship in the books, newsletters and correspondence courses being translated from Russian to English;
  • Promotion of your personal brand (within a year, you will become one of the recognized and notable experts in corporate sales and info-marketing);
  • 1000+ USD per month from sales of Galloper CRM (15% of the profit from software sales);
  • 100 USD per hour for consulting and training (90% of services sales).

We request that candidates who haven't achieved success in corporate sales to disregard this offer. Favourable references are mandatory. If you haven't been intimidated by these requirements, relate to our mission and ideology, and want to do truly cool things, join us! We await those who feel they have enormous unrealized potential, who have already done great things, but are confident they can do much more. Those who want to strive for new victories and distant horizons!

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